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  1. careless disregard for consequences
  2. the trait of lacking restraint or control
  3. give up with the intent of never claiming again
  4. leave behind empty; move out of
  5. leave someone who needs or counts on you; leave in the lurch
  1. leave behind
  2. relinquish
  3. leave in troubled state

abandon Sentences in English

  1. स्वच्छन्दता  =  unrestraint
    Dance with gay abandon

  2. बेफ़िक्री  =  unrestraint
    To dance with gay abandon

  3. उन्मुक्तता
    She danced with complete abandon.

  4. उन्माद
    The abandon of his anger

  5. सौंप देना  =  allow
    He abandoned himself to despair.

  6. परित्याग करना  =  leave
    The baby had been abandoned by its mother.

  7. छोड़ देना  =  leave
    He is trying to abandon his smoking habit.

  8. रोक देना  =  stop
    The match was abandoned because of bad weather.

  9. बहिष्कार करना  =  stop
    The country abandoned its political leaders after the war.

  10. खाली करना
    You must abandon the house tonight.

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