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  1. terminate before completion
  2. terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion
  3. stop or cancel something
  4. terminate or fail to complete pregnancy

abort Sentences in English

  1. समापन
    I wasted a year of my life working on an abort./ he sent a short message requesting an abort due to extreme winds in the area.

  2. बंद कर देना  =  end
    Abort the mission / abort the process running on my computer

  3. गर्भपात होना  =  discharge
    She aborted after four months.

  4. गर्भपात कराना  =  discharge
    Abort an expectant mother

  5. रद्द करना  =  end
    Abort a space mission / peace talks had to be aborted

  6. गिराना  =  die
    Abort fetus

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