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abrasive Definitions and meaning in English

  1. causing abrasion
  2. sharply disagreeable
  3. rigorous
  4. irritating in manner
  5. scraping or wearing
  1. a substance that abrades or wears down

abrasive Sentences in English

  1. कर्कश  =  thing
    An abrasive person/personality/tone of voice

  2. खुरदरा  =  concrete thing
    Abrasive substances/materials

  3. कठोर
    An abrasive character / an unpleasant, abrasive personality

  4. सख्त
    An abrasive character / an unpleasant, abrasive personality

  5. अपघर्षी
    Abrasive material for polishing, grinding, honing, lapping and other similar processes

  6. अपघर्षक  =  material
    You'll need a strong abrasive for cleaning this sink.

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