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  1. become imbued
  2. take up mentally
  3. take up, as of debts or payments
  4. take in, also metaphorically
  5. cause to become one with
  6. suck or take up or in
  7. engross (oneself) fully
  8. assimilate or take in
  9. engage or engross wholly
  10. physically take in a liquid
  11. mentally take in information
  12. occupy complete attention

absorb Sentences in English

  1. आत्मसात् करना  =  learn
    He is going to italy to absorb the language./ it's a lot of information to absorb all at once.

  2. तल्लीन करना  =  concentrate
    He absorbed himself into his studies.

  3. ध्यानमग्न करना  =  concentrate
    He absorbed himself into his studies.

  4. समाहित करना  =  receive
    India is able to absorb thousands of new immigrants.

  5. लेना  =  do
    Plants absorb oxygen.

  6. कम करना  =  reduce
    The solid walls absorbed much of the impact of the explosion.

  7. सोख लेना  =  do
    Dry sand absorbed all the water.

  8. सोखना  =  do
    Plants absorb nutrients from the soil.

  9. अपनाना  =  receive
    A society that has absorbed other cultures

  10. निगलना  =  do
    The larger firm gradually absorbs its smaller competitors.

  11. खपाना  =  use up
    Absorbed over half of all public expenditure

  12. खींच लेना  =  use up
    Defence spending absorbs almost 20% of the country's wealth.

  13. अवशोषण करना  =  do
    Black objects absorb heat more.

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