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accessible Definitions and meaning in English

  1. capable of being reached
  2. capable of being read with comprehension
  3. easily obtained
  4. easy to get along with or talk to
  5. friendly
  6. approachable; ready for use

accessible Sentences in English

  1. सुगम्य  =  abstract thing
    Her poetry is always very accessible.

  2. सुलभ  =  thing
    A beach accessible only from the sea./documents not accessible to the public.

  3. अभिगम्य  =  thing
    Defence documents are not accessible to the public.

  4. उपलब्ध  =  thing
    Accessible money

  5. प्राप्य  =  thing
    Accessible money

  6. गम्य
    A town accessible by rail

  7. गमनीय
    A town accessible by rail

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