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accidentally Definitions and meaning in English

  1. without advance planning
  2. in an incidental manner
  3. without intention
  4. in an unintentional manner
  1. by chance

accidentally Sentences in English

  1. अचानक  =  unexpectedly
    The carpet accidentally caught fire./the remark slipped out quite accidentally.

  2. संयोगवश  =  unexpectedly
    After many years,i accidently met my classmate.

  3. अचानक ही  =  unexpectedly
    They met accidentally.

  4. अनजाने में  =  unintentionally
    She hit him accidentally.

  5. धोखे से  =  unintentionally
    She hit him accidentally.

  6. संयोग से  =  incidentally
    These magnificent achievements were only accidentally influenced by oriental models.

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