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accompany Definitions and meaning in English

  1. be associated with
  2. go or travel along with
  3. perform an accompaniment to
  4. be a companion to somebody
  5. go or be with something
  6. occur with something

accompany Sentences in English

  1. जाना  =  travel
    His wife accompanied him on the trip./the nurse accompanied the old lady everywhere.

  2. साथ-साथ होना  =  happen
    Strong winds accompanied by heavy rain

  3. संगत करना  =  play
    The singer was accompanied on the piano by her sister.

  4. साथ आना  =  be
    French fries accompany the hamburger.

  5. साथ देना  =  play
    The orchestra could barely accompany the frequent pitch changes of the soprano.

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