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  1. having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course
  2. extremely sharp or intense
  3. having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions
  4. of an angle
  5. less than 90 degrees
  6. ending in a sharp point
  7. of critical importance and consequence
  8. deeply perceptive
  9. very important
  10. severe
  11. intense
  12. having a sharp end or point
  1. a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation

acute Sentences in English

  1. न्यून  =  angle
    Acute angle

  2. संवेगी  =  disease
    Accute tuberculosis / appendicitis

  3. तीक्ष्ण  =  discriminating
    He is an acute observer of the social scene.

  4. तेज़  =  feeling intense
    Accute pain

  5. तीक्ष्ण  =  sense
    Dogs have an acute sense of smell.

  6. धारदार  =  concrete sharp
    An acute knife/cutlery

  7. तीव्र  =  thing
    An acute (or critical) lack of research funds

  8. पैना  =  concrete sharp
    An acute knife/cutlery

  9. तीक्ष्ण  =  concrete sharp
    An acute knife/cutlery

  10. नुकीला  =  concrete sharp
    A acute knife/cutlery

  11. अतिपाती  =  disease
    Accute tuberculosis / appendicitis

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