ad hoc meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of ad hoc

ad hoc Definitions and meaning in English

  1. often improvised or impromptu
  2. for or concerned with one specific purpose
  3. for a specific purpose
  1. for one specific case

ad hoc Sentences in English

  1. तदर्थ  =  improvised
    They will have to appoint an ad hoc committee to deal with the affair.

  2. तदर्थ
    Coordinated policy instead of ad hoc decisions

  3. अनौपचारिक
    Ad hoc improvements

  4. तदर्थ  =  how
    They were appointed ad hoc.

  5. अनौपचारिक रूप से  =  how
    All the decisions in this matter are ad hoc.

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