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  1. be compatible or in accordance with
  2. follow through or carry out a plan without deviation
  3. come or be in close contact with
  4. stick or hold together and resist separation
  5. be a devoted follower or supporter
  6. be loyal to
  7. stick to firmly
  8. conform to or follow rules exactly
  9. stick or become stuck to
  10. either physically or mentally

adhere Sentences in English

  1. पालन करना  =  match
    You must strictly adhere to the rules

  2. वफादार होना  =  be
    She adhered to her husband in times of trouble.

  3. समर्थन करना  =  adopt
    The residents of this village adhered to catholicism.

  4. चिपक जाना  =  touch
    The dress adheres to her body.

  5. चिपकना
    The dress adheres to her body.

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