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  1. how long something has existed
  2. an era of history having some distinctive feature
  3. a time in life (usually defined in years) at which some particular qualification or power arises
  4. a late time of life
  5. a prolonged period of time
  6. period of animate existence
  7. a period of time
  1. begin to seem older
  2. get older
  3. grow old or older
  4. make older
  5. become older

age Sentences in English

  1. युग  =  era
    The elizabethan age

  2. उम्र  =  time of life
    What age is he / he left school at the age of 18.

  3. लम्बी अवधि  =  time period
    I waited for ages.

  4. बुढ़ापा  =  time of life old age
    His face was wrinkled with age.

  5. आयु  =  time of life
    What age is he / he left school at the age of 18.

  6. काफ़ी देर  =  time period
    I waited for ages.

  7. लम्बा समय  =  time period
    We've known each other for ages.

  8. बढ़ती उम्र
    Age hasn't slowed him down at all.

  9. बूढा होना  =  develop
    As he aged, his memory got worse.

  10. बूढ़ा होना  =  develop
    We age every day--what a depressing thought!

  11. बूढा बनाना  =  change
    The illness has aged him terribly.

  12. पूर्ण स्वादिष्ट बनाना  =  develop
    The wine is aged in oak casks.

  13. बड़ा हो जाना  =  develop
    He has aged a lot recently.

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