Belong to meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of Belong to

Belong to Definitions and meaning in English

  1. be a part or adjunct

Belong to Sentences in English

  1. से संबंधित होना  =  be
    However, the seafront near the Besos river, belonging partly to the neighboring municipality of saint Adria del Besos, recently remained undeveloped.

  2. का जाति का होना  =  be
    Shallots belong to the onion family. / Lions and tigers belong to the cat family.

  3. का सदस्य होना  =  be
    He has never belonged to a trade union.

  4. का होना  =  be
    Who does this pen belong to / Whoe does this watch belong to

  5. का होना  =  be
    Yesterday belonged almost entirely to the Australians. / British actors did well at the award ceremony, but the evening belonged to the Americans.

  6. को जाना  =  go to
    All the credits for this belongs to our sales staff.

  7. की संपत्ति होना  =  be
    The earth does not belong to man.

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