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  1. obliterate or extinguish
  2. darken completely
  3. suppress by censorship as for political reasons
  4. lose consciousness due to a sudden trauma, for example
  1. temporary unconsciousness

blackout Sentences in English

  1. अँधेरा  =  darkness
    The storm caused a sudden blackout and brought down telephone lines..

  2. तिमिरण  =  darkness war
    Curtains must be drawn during the blackout.

  3. स्मृतिलोपअ  =  loss of memory
    She had a blackout and couldn't remember anything about the accident.

  4. बंदिश  =  restriction
    The government imposed a news blackout during the crisis.(a situation in which the release of information is officially prevented

  5. बेहोशी  =  unconsciousness
    You'll have to go to the doctor if you keep getting these blackouts.

  6. अँधेरा  =  theatre
    In a theatre- a moment when all the lights on stage are suddenly put out, eg at the end of a scene

  7. स्मृति-लोप
    He has a total blackout for events of the evening.

  8. विस्मरण
    He has a total blackout for events of the evening.

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