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  1. a small vessel for travel on water
  2. a dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce
  3. vehicle for water travel
  1. ride in a boat on water

boat Sentences in English

  1. नाव  =  vessel
    He named his boat 'ruth'.

  2. नौका  =  vessel
    We'll cross the steam by boat.

  3. नौकाकार पात्र  =  boat-shaped dish
    A gravy boat

  4. नाव में जाना  =  human
    We boated down thames

  5. नाव में ले जाना  =  event
    They boated us across the bay.

  6. नौका-विहार करना  =  water
    Let's go to boat on the lake.

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