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  1. a painful sore with a hard pus-filled core
  2. the temperature at which a liquid boils at sea level
  3. blister
  1. come to the boiling point and change from a liquid to vapor
  2. cook in boiling liquid
  3. bring to, or maintain at, the boiling point
  4. be agitated
  5. be in an agitated emotional state
  6. heat to bubbling
  7. be angry

boil Sentences in English

  1. फोड़ा  =  disease
    His neck is covered with boils

  2. क्वथनाक  =  temperature
    Broght the water to a boil.

  3. उबालना  =  action
    She brought a cup of water to a boil

  4. खौलना  =  human, event
    He was boiling with rage

  5. खौलअना  =  sea
    The sea boiled in the heavy storm

  6. उबालकर पकाना  =  human, event
    She boild me the potatoes.

  7. उबालना  =  human food
    Please boil me an agg

  8. गुस्सा होना  =  feel
    She was boiling when he arrived late

  9. उबालना  =  food
    I've boiled the potatoes

  10. उबालना  =  liquid
    I'm boiling the baby's milk

  11. गरम करना  =  pan
    He is boiling the pan on the stove

  12. खौलाना  =  sea
    The heavy storm boiled the sea.

  13. गरम करना  =  thing
    Peter boiled the kettle.

  14. उबालना  =  water
    I'm boiling the water

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