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  1. an explosive device fused to denote under specific conditions
  2. strong sealed vessel for measuring heat of combustion
  3. an event that fails badly or is totally ineffectual
  4. exploding weapon
  1. throw bombs at or attack with bombs
  2. fail to get a passing grade
  3. detonate weapon
  4. fail miserably

bomb Sentences in English

  1. बड़ी असफलता  =  fiasco
    Her performance was real bomb

  2. बहुत पैसा  =  money
    Some company directors make an absolute bomb

  3. परमाणु बम  =  nuclear weapon
    The enemies dropped a bomb at night.

  4. बम  =  explosive
    The enemy dropped a bomb on the factory and blew it up.

  5. बम फेंकना  =  human, place
    The terrorists bombed several police stations.

  6. अभाग्य से असफल होना  =  sports, event
    They play bombed on the first night

  7. बम्बारी करना  =  attack
    London heavily bombed during last year

  8. असफल होना  =  fail
    I really bombed the final exam

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