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  1. get temporarily
  2. take up and practice as one's own
  3. take for temporary use
  4. adopt from another source; appropriate

borrow Sentences in English

  1. नक़ल करना  =  copy
    He always borrows his style.

  2. अनुकरण करना  =  copy
    They borrow their methods.

  3. ऋण लेना  =  borrow
    They borrowed heavily from the bank to start their new business

  4. कर्ज़ लेना  =  event
    He has borrow some money from the banks.

  5. लेना  =  language, language
    The expression 'nouveau riche' is borrowed from french.

  6. उधार लेना  =  money
    I borrowed some money from my friend

  7. नक़ल करना  =  style
    He borrowed his style

  8. लेना  =  thing, human
    He borrowed a car from a friend for a few days.

  9. लेना  =  thing
    He borrowed a book from the library

  10. लेना  =  thought, human
    They borrowed an idea from opposition

  11. लेना  =  human
    She borrowed a pen from me.

  12. लेना
    I have forgotten my pen. can i borrow yours

  13. अपनाना
    All three teams borrowed different approaches to the problem.

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