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  1. an ability to understand a broad range of topics
  2. the extent of something from side to side
  3. width
  4. extent

breadth Sentences in English

  1. चौड़ाई  =  width
    The breadth of a table.the average breadth of the reef is 10 miles

  2. आयतन  =  area
    The breadth of this container is 10,000 cubic meters

  3. गुंजाइश  =  capacity
    The fuel tank has a breadth of 12 gallons.

  4. दूरी  =  distance
    What is the breadth between mumbai and delhi.

  5. विस्तार  =  extent
    From the moon you can see the full breadth of the sahara desert.

  6. उदारता  =  generosity
    Show breadth of your mind.

  7. विशालता  =  immensity
    Show the breadth of mind.

  8. चौड़ाई  =  size
    What is the breadth of your back garden

  9. आयतन  =  volume
    The breadth of this container is 10,000 cubic metres.

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