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  1. the front part of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen
  2. either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman
  3. meat carved from the breast of a fowl
  4. front of upper body
  5. feelings
  6. conscience
  1. meet at breast level
  2. reach the summit
  3. confront bodily

breast Sentences in English

  1. छाती  =  chest, body
    He clutched the child to his breast

  2. दिल  =  heart
    He has a kind breast

  3. दिल  =  mind
    He has kind breast

  4. झोंका  =  blast
    There wasn't a breath of air/wind.

  5. स्तन  =  breast
    The breast swell during pregnancy

  6. चूचुक  =  meat
    They had chicken breasts for lunch

  7. चूचुक  =  part
    The breast of a lamb

  8. स्तन
    The breasts swell during the pregnancy

  9. स्तन  =  chest
    Feeding a baby at the breast

  10. आगा  =  clothes
    A soldier with medals pinned to the breast of his coat.

  11. सामना करना  =  human difficulty
    He breasted all the obstacles.

  12. सीने से स्पर्ष करना  =  human tape
    The champion breasted the tape.

  13. पर प्हुँचना  =  human mountain
    They breasted the mountain.

  14. टकराना  =  vessel wave
    The ship breasted the waves

  15. सामना करना  =  face
    They breasted the storm

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