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  1. draw air into, and expel out of, the lungs
  2. be alive
  3. impart as if by breathing
  4. allow the passage of air through
  5. utter or tell
  6. manifest or evince
  7. take a short break from one's activities in order to relax
  8. reach full flavor by absorbing air and being let to stand after having been uncorked
  9. expel (gases or odors)
  10. take air in and let out
  11. inspire action
  12. tell information

breathe Sentences in English

  1. फुसफुसाना  =  human whisper word
    He was breathing words of love into her ear

  2. कहना  =  human, say word
    He breathed some words into her ear.

  3. लेना  =  volitional thing air
    They went to breathe the air.

  4. श्वास लेना  =  volitional thing
    The child is breathing deeply.

  5. जीवित रहना  =  live
    Hardly a man breathes who has not loved a womanoxyzen is required to breathe

  6. जीना  =  live
    Oxyzen is required to breathe

  7. बहना  =  blow
    The wind breathed more strongly

  8. साँस लेना  =  event
    I cann't breathe properly

  9. व्यक्त करना  =  express
    He breathed his ideas very clearly.

  10. गंवाना  =  infuse life
    She breathed life into the partyhe breathed new life into the old house

  11. आराम करना  =  pause
    He breathed some time at his house

  12. विश्राम करना  =  rest
    There is no time to breathe

  13. फुसफुसाना  =  whisper
    The children were breathing in the corner of the school

  14. लेना  =  fragrance, thing
    He breathed fragrance from the flower.

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