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  1. reading superficially or at random
  2. the act of feeding by continual nibbling
  1. shop around
  2. not necessarily buying
  3. feed as in a meadow or pasture
  4. look around casually and randomly, without seeking anything in particular
  5. eat lightly, try different dishes
  6. look around; look through

browse Sentences in English

  1. सरसरी नजर  =  action
    Have a browse among the second hand books.

  2. यों ही किताबे देखना  =  examine
    Browse in a library/bookshop.

  3. चरना  =  graze
    Cattle browsing in the fields.

  4. यों ही देखना  =  look
    Browse among the antiques.

  5. मन बहलाने के लिए देखना  =  look
    To browse through/among someone's books.

  6. सरसरी तौर पर देखना  =  see
    Browse among the antiques.

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