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  1. a roughly cylindrical that is vessel open at the top
  2. the quantity contained in a bucket
  3. container
  4. often for liquids
  5. with handle
  1. put into a bucket
  2. carry in a bucket

bucket Sentences in English

  1. बालटी भर  =  containerful
    She poured a bucket of water over me.

  2. खाना  =  compartment
    Bucket of a gun/whip etc.

  3. बालटी  =  vessel
    A plastic bucket

  4. बालटी  =  containerful
    She poured a bucket of water over me.

  5. तेज़ी से दौड़ाना  =  ride
    He bucketed his horse to the jungle.

  6. बालटी से निकालना  =  remove
    She bucket up water from a well.

  7. बालटी में ले जाना  =  carry
    She is bucketing the water to the house.

  8. तेज़ी से चलाना  =  drive
    He bucketed the boat towards the ship

  9. तेज़ी से खेना  =  drive
    She bucket the boat towards the ship.

  10. निपटाना  =  handle
    To bucket transactions/order.

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