But meaning in tamil

Pronunciation of But

But Synonyms

But Definitions and meaning in English

  1. and nothing more

But Sentences in English

  1. सिवाय  =  except
    They are all wrong but him.

  2. सिर्फ़  =  only
    she is but a child.I can but do it.

  3. फिर भी  =  however
    She cut her knee badly, but didn't cry.

  4. लेकिन  =  manner
    He came but late.

  5. सिर्फ़  =  manner
    I can but do it.

  6. सिर्फ़  =  merely
    It was but joking.

  7. बल्कि  =  rather
    Never rains but it pours.

  8. सामन्यतः  =  simply
    It is but a matter of time.

  9. एतराज़  =  objection
    Do as I tell you, no but about it.It is your duty to do it, so let's have no but about it

  10. मगर  =  but
    John was there but Peter was not

  11. परंतु  =  but
    They are poor but proud

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