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  1. lie adjacent to another or share a boundary
  1. fastener
  2. pushbutton

button Sentences in English

  1. कली  =  bud
    Are there buttons on the trees yet

  2. बटन  =  button-hook
    There are no button in my shirt.

  3. कुकुरमुत्ता  =  mushroom
    There are buttons in my garden

  4. बटन  =  product
    This company manufactures the buttons.

  5. बटन  =  push button
    I pressed the button, and the bell rang

  6. बटन  =  machine
    This button turns the radio on.

  7. बटन बंद करना  =  close
    Button your coat it's cold outside.

  8. बटन लगाना  =  event
    Button my shirt.

  9. बटन बंद करना  =  clothes
    He buttoned his shirt quickly

  10. बटन लगाना  =  clothes
    He buttoned my dresses.

  11. बंद करना  =  job
    He buttoned my job.

  12. बंद करना  =  mouth
    He buttoned my mouth.

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