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  1. make a mathematical calculation or computation
  2. judge to be probable
  3. keep an account of
  4. predict in advance
  5. specifically design a product, event, or activity for a certain public
  6. have faith or confidence in
  7. plan on

calculate Sentences in English

  1. अनुमान करना  =  human expect
    I calculate that they would agree to the conditions

  2. सोचना  =  human think matters
    I calculate she's a rich woman

  3. निश्चित करना  =  human, estimate cost
    They use a computer to calculate the cost of wages as a percentage of company's income

  4. अंदाजा लगाना  =  human, estimate matters
    Scientists have calculated that the world's population will double by the end of the century

  5. सोचना  =  human, intend matters
    I calculated she will come today

  6. निश्चित करना  =  human, reckon matters
    The experts calculated that about 10000 tones of grain will be needed

  7. गिनती करना  =  human, reckon matters
    He calculated the money

  8. निश्चित करना  =  human action
    He calculted the velocity of the light

  9. व्यव्स्था करना  =  arrange
    He calculated some money for me

  10. विश्वास करना  =  believe
    Sometime people mistakeably calculate tout's trick

  11. निर्भर करना  =  depend
    Now a days nobody can calculate on low salary

  12. निर्भर रहना  =  depend
    The poor people can not calculate on lower salary

  13. निरुपण करना  =  illustrate
    To calcute one's art is not a joke

  14. भरोसा करना  =  rely
    You shouldn't calculate on his sugar coated words

  15. सुविचार करना  =  think, well
    You should caluculate well before undertaking any task

  16. अपनाना  =  use
    He calculated the calculator for the exam

  17. आँकना  =  cost
    He calculated the cost of goods

  18. परिकलन करना  =  matter
    He couldn't calculate the account of the company

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