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  1. a telephone connection
  2. a special disposition (as if from a divine source) to pursue a particular course
  3. a loud utterance
  4. the characteristic sound produced by a bird
  5. a brief social visit
  6. a demand by a broker that a customer deposit enough to bring his margin up to the minimum requirement
  7. a demand for a show of hands in a card game
  8. a request
  9. an instruction that interrupts the program being executed 1
  10. brief visit in an official or professional capacity
  11. (sports) the decision made by an umpire or referee
  12. the option to buy a given stock (or stock index or commodity future) at a given price before a given date
  1. assign a specified, proper name to
  2. get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone
  3. ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality
  4. order, request, or command to come
  5. utter a sudden loud cry
  6. pay a brief visit
  7. call a meeting
  8. declare in the capacity of an umpire or referee
  9. utter a characteristic note or cry
  10. utter in a loud voice or announce
  11. make a prediction about 2
  12. require the presentation of for redemption before maturation
  13. lure by imitating the characteristic call of an animal 2
  14. challenge the sincerity or truthfulness of
  15. rouse somebody from sleep with a call

Call Sentences in English

  1. आकर्षक  =  charm
    It is a call bird

  2. चीख़  =  cry
    We heard a call for help

  3. आवश्यकता  =  necessity
    Is there any calls for the next election

  4. औपचारिक-भेंट  =  visit
    The president is paying a call on the king

  5. बोली  =  card
    Whose call is it

  6. कॉल  =  claim
    the call of duty

  7. माँग  =  claim
    the call of duty

  8. चहचहाहट  =  cry
    The birds has a very distinctive call

  9. चिख़  =  cry
    We heard a call for help

  10. निर्णय  =  decision
    He was ejected for protesting the call

  11. माँग  =  demand
    Now a days there is a lot of calls for the synthetic material

  12. अभियाचना  =  demand
    We have sent our calls to the manager

  13. कर्तव्य  =  duty
    Parent's service is our call

  14. निर्देश  =  instruction
    You must obey my calls

  15. बिगुल  =  instrument
    Prime minister was greeted by a call at red fort on independent day

  16. निमंत्रण  =  invitation
    can't ignore the royal call

  17. निर्णय  =  judgment
    A call delivered by the High court

  18. आवश्यकता  =  necessity
    Is there any calls for next programme

  19. अवसर  =  opportunity
    You shouldn't miss the call to see the play

  20. माँगअ  =  request
    The finance minister has rejected calls from businessman for lower interest rate

  21. अधिकार  =  right
    To make a call on a person's time

  22. हाज़िरी  =  roll call
    The teacher has taken the call from the register

  23. चिल्लाहट  =  shout
    There is peoples's cry on the road

  24. बुलावा  =  summons
    The court sent a call to him

  25. निरीक्षण  =  supervision
    The work was done under my call

  26. कॉल  =  telephone call
    She sat near the telephone waiting for his call

  27. बारी  =  turn
    Who's call is it

  28. औपचारिक भेंट  =  visit
    The president's call to the villages

  29. संकेत की सीटी  =  whistle
    I stopped my car to get a call of traffic police

  30. बुलाना  =  animal animal
    Animals cann't call another animals like human

  31. चहचहाना  =  bird
    Birds are calling on tree

  32. बुलाना  =  bird
    The birds are calling their little one's

  33. पुकारना  =  delivery man
    The milk man called her name to take the milk

  34. आदेश देना  =  god priesthood human
    The god called him to the priesthood

  35. बुलाना  =  home
    He called me into the home

  36. बोली लगाना  =  human house
    The auctioneer called the house infront of the buyer

  37. फोन करना  =  human human
    I tried to call you all night

  38. बुलाना  =  human human
    He called me at his house

  39. पुकारना  =  human human
    He called me from his house

  40. समाप्त करना  =  rain game
    A sudden downpour called the game

  41. स्थगित करना  =  referee play
    The refreee called the play illegal

  42. निर्णय देना  =  referee play
    The refreee called the play illegal

  43. आना  =  steamboat place
    The steamboat called into the edge

  44. आना  =  train place
    The train called into the station

  45. बुलाना  =  human human
    I called him for her

  46. बुलाना  =  applause performer
    Because of loud applause,he called the performer on the stage

  47. स्थगित करना  =  rain game
    The umpire called the game because of heavy rain

  48. स्थगित करना  =  sunset game
    The umpire called the game because of sunset

  49. जगाना  =  awaken
    Please call me at 6 o'clock

  50. चहचहाना  =  chirp
    Birds are calling on tree

  51. अनुमान करना  =  forecast
    He certainly can call his shots

  52. बोलना  =  tell
    It was a bird's call

  53. मिलने जाना  =  visit
    Let's call in John

  54. बोली लगाना  =  card
    He called his trump

  55. स्थगित करना  =  sports, event
    The refreee called a game because of heavy rain

  56. निर्णय देना  =  sports, event
    The refreee called the play illegal

  57. बुलाना  =  activity human
    He called me to the dance

  58. आदेश देना  =  duty human
    He has been called to active military duty

  59. बोलना  =  human, event
    He called me a liar

  60. बुलाना  =  place human
    She called me into the house

  61. ध्यान दिलाना  =  thing attention
    He called the maid's attention to the mess

  62. स्थगित करना  =  adjourn
    The umpire called the game because of heavy rain

  63. घोषित करना  =  announce
    The union leader called a general strike for Sunday

  64. बोली लगाना  =  bid
    He called his trump

  65. बोली बोलनाअना  =  bid
    The auctioneer called the bids

  66. कॉल करना  =  communicate
    I called him this morning but he was out

  67. टेलीफोन करना  =  communicate
    I called him this morning but he was out

  68. निंदा करना  =  criticize
    She called him on his valgur language

  69. माँग करना  =  demand
    He called for the payment

  70. नाम रखना  =  designate
    She called her baby Meena

  71. बुलाना  =  event human
    She called him for a five minutes

  72. आमंत्रित करना  =  invite
    We called all our relatives to the wedding.

  73. नाम रखना  =  name
    His parents called him John

  74. भविष्य वाणी बोलना  =  predict
    Call the outcome of an election

  75. माँगना  =  request
    They have called some facilities from the company

  76. बोलना  =  say
    She called him a bastard

  77. चिल्लाना  =  shout
    She called her daughter

  78. संकेत करना  =  signal
    He called to his partner for the trump

  79. बुलाना  =  summon
    Mother is calling me

  80. हाज़िरी लेना  =  take attendance
    Before teaching the teacher usually calls students

  81. भेंट करना  =  visit
    The mayor likes to call on some of the prominent citizens

  82. माँग करना  =  bond
    He has called the bonds for redemption

  83. माँग करना  =  loan
    Call a loan

  84. बुलाना  =  meeting
    The secretary has called a meeting on Saturday

  85. पुकारना  =  name list
    to call name list of the students

  86. नाम देना  =  quality
    He called me a bastard

  87. घोषित करना  =  strike
    The union leader called a strike

  88. लाना  =  thing
    The judge called a case to court

  89. लाना  =  vehicle
    Please call a taxi for me

  90. पुकारना  =  place
    I called him from the window but she couldn't hear me

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