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  1. ability to perform or produce
  2. the susceptibility of something to a particular treatment
  3. the amount that can be contained
  4. the maximum production possible
  5. a specified function
  6. (computer science) the amount of information (in bytes) that can be stored on a disk drive
  7. an electrical phenomenon whereby an electric charge is stored
  8. the power to learn or retain knowledge
  9. in law, the ability to understand the facts and significance of your behavior
  10. tolerance for alcohol
  11. volume; limit of volume held
  12. ability; competency

capacity Sentences in English

  1. क्षमता  =  capability
    Her parents had always underestimated her capacity.

  2. धारण शक्ति  =  volume
    The hall with a seating capacity of 2000. / the gas tank has a capacity of 12 gallons.

  3. क्षमता  =  ability
    He has an enormous capacity for hard work./his capacity for learning languages astonished me.

  4. क्षमता  =  production
    The plant is working at 80 per cent capacity.

  5. हैसियत  =  function
    He was employed in the capacity of director.

  6. कैपेसिटी  =  indefinite quantity
    The capacity of a hard disk drive is usually expressed in megabytes.

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