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  1. a railcar where passengers ride
  2. a vehicle with four wheels drawn by two or more horses
  3. characteristic way of bearing one's body
  4. a machine part that carries something else
  5. a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

Carriage Sentences in English

  1. चाल  =  bearing
    Have a very upright carriage

  2. भाड़ा  =  cost
    Rs 500 including packaging and carriage

  3. परिवहनव्यय  =  cost
    He charged me Rs 500 including package and carriage

  4. प्रबंध  =  management
    The carriage of this mill is not satisfactory

  5. आचरण  =  animate, manner
    His carriage irritates me

  6. तोप-गाड़ी  =  arms
    USA destroyed lot of Iraki carriages in Gulf War

  7. पालना  =  baby
    She bought a carriage for her baby

  8. चाल  =  inanimate, dynamic action
    This bicycle has good carriage

  9. गाड़ी  =  cart
    I sent these stuffs by carriage

  10. भाड़ा  =  charge
    I cann't bear the carriage of these stuffs

  11. हाव-भाव  =  gesture
    He impressed everyone by his carriage

  12. ढंगअ  =  manner
    His carriage is so queer

  13. उपबंधक  =  tool
    With the help of carriage we can joint two objects

  14. परिवहन  =  transport
    The goods will be sent within 14 days,but allow time for carriage

  15. चार पहियों वाली घोड़ागाड़ी  =  vehicle
    (a vehicle with four wheels drawn by two or more horses)

  16. माल-डिब्बा  =  wagon
    This carriage contains 10 ton of Wheat

  17. मूल्य  =  worth
    We cann't make carriage of these goods

  18. कॅरेज  =  typewriter
    The carriage of this typewriter is not working

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