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  1. a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal
  2. wheeled vehicle that can be pushed by a person
  3. may have oneor two or four wheels
  4. small attachment for transporting
  1. draw slowly or heavily
  2. transport something in a cart
  3. carry

cart Sentences in English

  1. गाड़ी  =  wagon, carriage
    A horse and cart

  2. पहिया  =  wheel
    The car has four carts

  3. ठेला
    A shopping / supermarket / luggage cart

  4. पहियेदार मेज़
    A drinks cart / a tea cart

  5. गाड़ी में ले जाना  =  human carry inanimate
    He is carting hay

  6. ढोना  =  human carry matter
    I've been carting these cases around all day

  7. ले जाना  =  human carry volitional thing
    She carts the kids around with her wherever she goes

  8. गाड़ी में ले जाना  =  human take away human
    The police carted all the prisoner to the jail

  9. गाड़ी में ले जाना  =  event human
    He carted his wife to the house

  10. ढोना  =  transport
    They carted all the goods to the store room

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