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  1. a low-lying region in central France
  2. an area that is approximately central within some larger region
  3. a point equidistant from the ends of a line or the extremities of a figure
  4. a place where some particular activity is concentrated
  5. the sweet central portion of a piece of candy that is enclosed in chocolate or some other covering
  6. a cluster of nerve cells governing a specific bodily process
  7. a building dedicated to a particular activity
  1. move into the center
  2. direct one's attention on something

Centre Sentences in English

  1. केंद्र  =  state
    Madhya Pradesha is the centre place of India

  2. मध्यमार्गी  =  centrists
    Unfortunately,his homeland has always lacked a responsible Centre

  3. केंद्र  =  middle point
    It is in the centre of the town

  4. धुरीई  =  pivot
    The sun is the centre of the solar system

  5. जड़  =  source
    The centre of a problem

  6. तंत्रिका केंद्र  =  physiology
    In most people the speech center is in the left hemisphere.

  7. मध्यमार्गी  =  politics
    Political parties often move to the centre just before an election

  8. मध्य-भाग  =  area
    I am leaving in the centre of the town

  9. केंद्र  =  building
    They were raising money to build a new centre for research

  10. केंद्र  =  center place
    They received messages from several centres

  11. ठीक करना  =  adjust
    He centred the lens of telescope

  12. केंद्र में लगाना  =  center, event
    She centred the clock on the metalpiece

  13. केंद्रीभूत करना  =  focus attention
    He centred the attention of the people on Today's Corruption Problem

  14. संकेंद्रीत करना  =  focus
    He centred his novel on the Civil War

  15. केंद्र निश्चित करना  =  determine
    A small brass star centred the tabletop

  16. एक जगह करना  =  thing, place
    John centred all the things in the room

  17. लगाना  =  thing, place
    John centred a picture on the wall

  18. केंद्र में एकट्र करना  =  thing
    The word processor automatically centres the words on the page

  19. बीच में रखना  =  thing
    They centred all things in the room

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