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  1. a soft whitish calcite
  2. a pure flat white with little reflectance
  3. amphetamine used in the form of a crystalline hydrochloride
  4. used as a stimulant to the nervous system and as an appetite suppressant
  5. a piece of chalk (or similar substance) used for writing onblackboards or other surfaces
  1. write, draw, or trace with chalk

chalk Sentences in English

  1. खड़िया  =  limestone
    Some plants will not grow on chalk

  2. चूने के पथर  =  limestone
    Some plants will not grow on chalk

  3. निशान  =  mark
    She has made a chalk on the wall

  4. चाक  =  substance
    The teacher wrote on a blackboard with a piece of chalk

  5. चाक  =  type
    A chalk painting

  6. वर्णहीन कर देना  =  blanch
    Terror chalked her face

  7. बनाना  =  draw
    He chalked the drawing of shivaji on the wall of his house

  8. चिन्ह बनाना  =  mark, place
    He has chalked of the star plus t.v.on the wall

  9. खड़िया से घिसना  =  rub
    To chalk something

  10. लिखना  =  write
    He chalked the message on the blackboard

  11. खाका बनाना  =  map
    She chalked the map on the paper

  12. बनाना  =  map
    She chalked the map

  13. लिखना  =  draw
    Dishes have been chalked on the menuboard

  14. लिखना  =  record
    He chalked her name in the register

  15. लिखना  =  blackboad
    The teacher chalked some instructions on the blackboard

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