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Chap Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a boy or man
  2. a long narrow depression in a surface
  3. a crack in a lip caused usually by cold
  4. (usually in the plural) leather leggings without a seat
  5. joined by a belt
  6. often have flared outer flaps
  7. worn overtrousers by cowboys to protect their legs
  1. crack due to dehydration

Chap Sentences in English

  1. छोकरा  =  boy
    That chap is your servant

  2. दरार  =  crack
    There are the chaps in her feet

  3. आदमी
    There's some chap at the door.

  4. तिड़काना  =  weather
    The summer heat and drought chapped the river bank

  5. फटना  =  become cracked
    y skin soon chaps in cold weather.

  6. फटना  =  event
    My lips chap in this dry weather

  7. फटा होना  =  event
    happed lips.

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