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  1. a cry or shout of approval
  2. the quality of being cheerful and dispelling gloom
  3. happiness
  4. applause
  5. supportive yell
  1. give encouragement to
  2. show approval or good wishes by shouting
  3. cause (somebody) to feel happier or more cheerful
  4. become cheerful
  5. urge on or encourage especially by shouts
  6. make someone feel happier
  7. encourage in activity

cheer Sentences in English

  1. प्रसन्नता  =  gladness
    We have to do any work with cheer

  2. सलामती का जाम  =  toast
    A christmas cheer

  3. प्रोत्साहन  =  encouragement
    He spoke words of cheer

  4. प्रसन्नता  =  feeling
    Good cheer overcomes despair

  5. भोजन  =  food
    The tables were loaded with cheer

  6. प्रसन्नता  =  high spirits
    The general's speech gave cheer to his anxious troops

  7. जयजयकार  =  shout
    I heard the cheers of the crowd, and i knew our team was winning

  8. प्रशंसा करना  =  human applaud human
    The audience cheered her for her acting

  9. जय-जयकार करके प्रोत्साहित करना  =  human encourage human
    The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers

  10. जय-जयकार करके प्रोत्साहन देना  =  human encourage
    The crowd cheered their favourate rider

  11. बधाई देना  =  human, wish human
    Everybody cheered the birthday boy

  12. शाबाशी देना  =  human human
    The teacher cheerd him for coming in the merit list

  13. बढ़ावा देना  =  human state
    They cheered her happiness by giving a surprise gift

  14. प्रसन्न होना  =  become cheerful
    She cheered as soon as the sun began to shine

  15. प्रोत्साहन देना  =  give encouragement
    The team members cheered their captain

  16. प्रसन्न करना  =  gladen
    Good news cheered her

  17. सांत्वना देना  =  console
    They cheered her at the time of distress

  18. बधाई देना  =  event human
    Everybody cheered the birthday boy

  19. धीरज बँधाना  =  event human
    They cheered her at the time of distress

  20. प्रसन्न होना  =  feel
    She cheers whenever he comes at her home

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