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  1. a small cut of meat including part of a rib
  2. a tennis return made with a downward motion that puts backspin on the ball
  3. a grounder that bounces high in the air
  1. cut into pieces
  2. move suddenly
  3. strike sharply, as in some sports
  4. cut with a hacking tool
  5. hit sharply
  6. cut up with tool

chop Sentences in English

  1. हाथ  =  blow
    Karate chop.

  2. बोटी  =  meat slice
    A pork / lamb chop

  3. चोट  =  stroke
    He cut down the sapling with one chop.

  4. टुकड़े काटना  =  cut
    Hop the meat into cubes before before frying it.

  5. ठप्प होना  =  stop
    Us service in this area have been chopped.

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