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  1. having a circular shape
  2. shaped like a ring
  3. marked by or moving in a circle
  4. going around
  1. an advertisement (usually printed on a page or in a leaflet) intended for wide distribution
  2. handbill

circular Sentences in English

  1. गोल  =  argument
    The circular argument that doesn't lead anywhere

  2. गश्ती साख  =  document
    Circular letter of credit.

  3. घुमावदार  =  logic
    That was a very circular logic, we didn't understand

  4. गोल  =  thing
    A circular table

  5. गोलाकार  =  way
    A circular way

  6. गश्ती-चिट्ठी  =  document
    There were only bills and circulars in the post in this morning.

  7. इश्तिहार  =  leaflet
    He mailed the circular to all subscribers.

  8. परिपत्र  =  report
    He mailed the circular to all subscribers

  9. सर्क्युलर
    He mailed the circular to all subscribers.

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