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  1. of or characteristic of a form or system felt to be of first significance before modern times
  2. of recognized authority or excellence
  3. concerning ancient culture
  4. simple
  5. chaste

classical Sentences in English

  1. शास्त्रीय  =  music
    The classical music of india.

  2. मनमोहक  =  attractive
    Classical elegance.

  3. ग्रीक-रोमन कला-साहित्य का  =  of art and literature
    Classical study.

  4. पारम्परिक  =  traditional
    Classical and modern dance.

  5. प्रामाणिक
    Classical methods of navigation

  6. शास्त्रीय संगीत
    The music held the audience spellbound.

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