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Absolute, Absolve, Absolved, Acquit, All the way, Ameliorate, Apparent, Apprehensible, Clear, Clean, Clean-cut, Brighten, Authorize, Authorise, Bring in, Assoil, Clarion, Audible, Bare, Blameless, Break up, Burn off, Clarify, Cleanse, Clear-cut, Decipherable, Cleared, Clearly, Clear up, Crystallize, Crystallise, Crystalize, Crystalise, Elucidate, Earn, Discharge, Crystal, Coherent, Comprehensible, Conspicuous, Definite, Distinct, Cloudless, Crystal clear, Crystalline, Discharged, Dismissed, Confirmed, Convinced, Decided, Disencumber, Disengage, Disentangle, Eliminate, Defog, Emancipate, Open, Light, Exculpated, Exonerated, Percipient, Light up, Pass, Enlighten, Illuminate, Net, Gain, Make, Pull in, Exonerate, Exculpate, Fair, Fine, Halcyon, Luminous, Pleasant, Evident, Explicit, Express, Graspable, Incontrovertible, Intelligible, Knowable, Legible, Lucent, Lucid, Manifest, Obvious, Palpable, Patent, Perceptible, Perspicuous, Plain, Precise, Pronounced, Empty, Free, Glassy, Limpid, Pellucid, Pure, Guiltless, Immaculate, Innocent, Positive, Erase, Extricate, Lighten, Loosen, Lose, Purify, Hurdle, Leap, Miss, Negotiate, Overleap, Explain, Let go, Let off, Let off the hook, Unclouded, Unmortgaged, Well-defined, Readable, Vindicated, Unclutter, Top, Shed light on, Straighten out, Sort out, Sack, Sack up, Take in, Realize, Realise, Solve, Rainless, Shining, Shiny, Sunny, Sunshiny, Undimmed, Recognizable, Sharp, Simple, Straightforward, Transparent, Unambiguous, Uncomplicated, Unequivocal, Unmistakable, Unquestionable, Smooth, Stark, Unhampered, Unimpeded, Unlimited, Unobstructed, Vacant, Vacuous, Void, See-through, Thin, Translucent, Sinless, Stainless, Unblemished, Undefiled, Untarnished, Untroubled, Resolved, Satisfied, Sure, Refine, Rid, Rule out, Shake off, Sweep, Throw off, Tidy, Unblock, Unburden, Surmount, Unclog, Vault, Unload, Unloose, Unpack, Untie, Vacate, Wipe, Release, Relieve, Set free, Vindicate

clear Definitions and meaning in English

  1. clear to the mind
  2. free from confusion or doubt
  3. affording free passage or view
  4. free from cloudiness
  5. (especially of a title) free from any encumberance or limitation that presents a question of fact or law
  6. clear and distinct to the senses
  7. cloudless
  8. bright
  9. understandable
  10. apparent
  11. open
  12. unhindered
  13. transparent
  14. not guilty
  15. certain in one's mind
  1. completely
  2. in an easily perceptible manner
  1. rid of obstructions
  2. make a way or path by removing objects
  3. become clear
  4. grant authorization or clearance for
  5. remove
  6. go unchallenged 1
  7. clear from impurities, blemishes, pollution, etc.
  8. yield as a net profit
  9. make as a net profit
  10. earn on some commercial or business transaction
  11. earn as salary or wages
  12. sell
  13. pass an inspection or receive authorization
  14. pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
  15. settle, as of a debt
  16. make clear, bright, light, or translucent
  17. rid of instructions or data
  18. remove (people) from a building
  19. remove the occupants of
  20. free (the throat) by making a rasping sound
  21. clean
  22. clear away
  23. pass over
  24. often by jumping
  25. liberate; free from uncertainty

clear Sentences in English

  1. साफ़  =  dark, state
    A clear day

  2. शुध्द  =  air
    The air is clear and clean

  3. स्पष्ट  =  answer
    He gave a clear answer to the manager

  4. साफ़  =  case
    Clear case of cheating

  5. स्पष्ट  =  case
    Clear case of murder

  6. साफ़  =  colour
    Clear reds and blues

  7. साफ़  =  complexion
    The clear complexion of a healthy young woman

  8. साफ़  =  conscience
    Now i've explained what happened, i can go with a clear conscience

  9. परदर्शी  =  diamond
    A clear perfect diamond

  10. स्पष्ट  =  explanation
    Give me clear explanation

  11. तीव्र  =  fire
    A clear flame

  12. साफ़  =  footprints
    Clear footprints in the snow

  13. साफ़  =  head
    A complex problem requiring a clear head

  14. निर्दोष  =  human innocent
    She was entirely clear

  15. मुक्त  =  human, state
    She was now clear of the charge of cowardice

  16. स्पष्ट  =  idea
    Gave us a clear idea of human nature

  17. स्पष्ट  =  indication
    A clear indication that she was angry

  18. साफ़  =  intellect
    His intellect is clear

  19. साफ़  =  judgment
    The judge has given a clear judgement

  20. साफ़  =  light
    The light was clear

  21. स्पष्ट  =  meaning
    What is the clear meaning of this sentence

  22. साफ़  =  mind
    His mind is clear

  23. पूरा  =  number complete
    Put a clear number on your examp paper

  24. स्पष्ट  =  outline
    He explained the clear outline of his plan before the meeting

  25. साफ़  =  path
    A clear path to victory

  26. साफ़  =  personality
    He is a clear personality of man

  27. साफ़  =  road
    The road was clear in the morning

  28. स्पष्ट  =  signal
    They gave me a clear signal

  29. स्पष्ट  =  sound
    His sound is clear

  30. साफ़  =  statement
    She gave a clear statement in the court

  31. सपाट  =  thing
    The trunk was clear for 20 feet above the ground

  32. साफ़  =  thinking
    Her thinking is clear

  33. सही  =  time
    Give me a clear time to come

  34. पूर्ण  =  title
    I have a clear title to this property

  35. उपयुक्त  =  title
    Tell me a clear title of this story

  36. निश्चित  =  value
    What is the clear value of this product

  37. साफ़  =  view open
    It was a clear view of mountains

  38. दूर  =  away
    He kept clear of her after the argument/she mananged to keep her dress clear of the mud

  39. दृढ  =  certain
    She was not clear on the first point that she made but agreed with the others

  40. खाली  =  empty
    The container was completley clear

  41. मुक्त  =  free
    After 20 years,our house is clear of the mortgage

  42. निर्दोश  =  innocence
    He is in the clear

  43. ठंड़ा  =  quiet
    A clear brow

  44. निश्चित  =  unimpeded
    A clear victory

  45. साफ़  =  unimpeded
    The road was clear in the morning

  46. खाली  =  vacant
    The container was clear

  47. साफ़  =  fair
    A clear voice

  48. पूरी तरह से  =  completely
    Read the book clear to the end

  49. साफ़-साफ़  =  completely
    There were open fields clear to the horizon

  50. स्पष्टतया  =  manner
    She cried loud and clear

  51. खुली जगह  =  space
    He came out of the forest into the clear

  52. साफ़ हो जाना  =  fog
    The fog cleared in the afternoon

  53. चुकाना  =  human settle
    He cleared his all debt

  54. निपटाना  =  human settle
    He cleared the quarrel between me and her

  55. साफ़ करना  =  human liquid
    She cleared the water by a filter

  56. साफ़ करना  =  human memory
    He cleared his memory

  57. स्पष्ट करना  =  human plan
    Ram has cleared his plan to the manager

  58. खरीद लेना  =  human product
    They cleared all the products from the market

  59. पूरा करना  =  human project
    They cleared unl project in 3 years

  60. व्यक्त करना  =  human suggestion
    The manager cleared his suggestions to the employee

  61. दूर करना  =  human suspicion
    He cleared her suspicion from his mind

  62. साफ़ करना  =  human thing, place
    They cleared leaves from the lawn

  63. मुक्त करना  =  human vessel
    They cleared the ship

  64. साफ़ करना  =  human vessel
    She cleared all the dirty vessels

  65. साफ़ करना  =  huma thing
    She cleared the window-glass

  66. स्पष्ट करना  =  organization plan
    The organisation have cleared their plan before the public

  67. समाप्त करना  =  organization project
    They cleared the project in 5 years

  68. मुक्त करना  =  organization thing, place
    The company cleared the goods from the custom house

  69. दूर करना  =  organization
    Some organisations have cleared the problems of the poor people

  70. खरीद लेना  =  organization
    They cleared all the products from the market

  71. साफ़ होना  =  sky
    The sky cleared after the storm

  72. साफ़ होना  =  weather
    The weather cleared in the morning

  73. साफ़ हो जाना  =  weather
    The weather cleared in the afternoon

  74. अनुमति देना  =  authorize
    He has been finally cleared highly classified information

  75. मान्यता देना  =  authorize
    The chairman must clear our speeches before the meeting

  76. साफ़ होना  =  become clear
    The muddy water slowly cleared

  77. साफ़ना  =  become free
    His mind cleared when he heard the truth

  78. खरीद लेना  =  buy up
    Bidders quickly cleared the market's wheat stores

  79. स्पष्ट करना  =  clarify
    Clear the question of who is at fault

  80. क्लियर होना  =  debit-credit
    The check will clear within 3 days

  81. बरी करना
    The judge cleared him of all the charges.

  82. कमाना  =  earn
    He clears rs 5000 each month

  83. कमाना  =  gain
    She cleared a lot in her new job

  84. क्लीयर होना  =  pass an authority
    The bill must clear through the assembly before it becomes legal

  85. पार कर जाना  =  pass-by
    The ballon cleared the tree tops

  86. निकालना  =  remove
    Clear the patrons from the theater after the bomb threat

  87. हटाना  =  remove
    Clear the snow from the road

  88. खाली करना  =  sell
    We cleared a lot of the old model car

  89. बिक जाना  =  sell
    Wheat cleared rapidly

  90. क्लीयर करना  =  computer, event
    Clear a memory buffer

  91. बताना  =  human
    He cleared his plan to the manager before the meeting

  92. पूरा करना  =  accounts
    He cleared the company's accounts

  93. पास करना  =  bill legislature
    The bill cleared in the senate

  94. स्वीकृत करना  =  bill
    The assembly cleared the bill unanimously

  95. साफ़ करना  =  brain
    He cleared her brain

  96. क्लियर करना  =  check
    Clear the check

  97. चुकाना  =  customs
    Clear the customs

  98. च्लेअर्ना  =  customs
    Our baggage cleared the customs

  99. चुकाना  =  debt
    Clear the debt

  100. खाली करना  =  desk
    Clear your desk

  101. पार करना  =  difficulty
    He cleared all the difficulties of his life

  102. दूर करना  =  doubt
    I cleared his doubt

  103. खाली करना  =  entity, place
    She cleared all the clothes from the cupboard

  104. पास करना  =  examination
    He cleared exam in first attempt

  105. साफ़ करना  =  eye
    He cleared his eyes with the pure water

  106. पार करना  =  fence
    The horse cleared the fence easily

  107. साफ़ करना  =  forest
    They cleared the whole forest before one month

  108. मुक्त करना  =  goods
    He cleared the goods through customs

  109. साफ़ करना  =  head
    He cleared the head of tape recorder

  110. साफ़ करना  =  impurity
    He cleared the impurity of the water

  111. भेजना  =  item
    The despatcher cleared hundereds of items each day

  112. पार करना  =  line
    The fisherman cleared his line

  113. तय करना  =  line
    Ram was first to clear the line of hundred meter race

  114. साफ़ करना  =  liquid
    To clear the water by filter

  115. निपटान करना  =  manuscipt
    Clear the manuscript for publication

  116. साफ़ करना  =  mind
    I want to clear his mind

  117. दूर करना  =  misunderstanding
    I want to clear his misunderstanding

  118. लाभ कमाना  =  money
    The company cleared rs.1,00,000 on a deal

  119. च्लेअर्ना  =  name
    Throughout his imprisonment,he fought to clear his name

  120. निकालना  =  path
    Clear a path through the dense forest

  121. बनाना  =  path
    He had to cut away the underbrush to clear a path

  122. निकालना  =  people
    Clear the patrons from the theater after the bomb threat

  123. खाली करना  =  place
    Clear a courtroom of photographers

  124. मंजूर करवाना  =  plan
    You must clear your plan with headquarters

  125. खाली करना  =  plate
    He cleared his plate quickly

  126. स्पष्ट करना  =  points
    He repharased the report in order to clear the essential points

  127. पूरा करना  =  preliminaries
    He cleared the preliminaries of his mission

  128. बेचना  =  product
    They cleared all the products

  129. पूरा करना  =  prospect
    He cleared all the prospects of his fianscee

  130. पार करना  =  reef
    The ship cleared the reef

  131. हटाना  =  snow
    Clear snow from the streets

  132. व्यक्त करना  =  suggestion
    She cleared her suggestions before the meeting

  133. खाली करना  =  table
    Please clear the table

  134. दूर करना  =  tension
    She cleared my tension

  135. दूर करना  =  thing
    The judge tried to clear the alligations imposed on him but couldn't succeed

  136. साफ़ करना  =  throat
    Clear the throat

  137. उतारना  =  vessel, land
    They cleared the vessel in sea from the land

  138. मुक्त करना  =  vessel
    They cleared the ship

  139. साफ़ करना  =  voice
    She cleared her voice

  140. वसूल करना  =  amount
    He cleared rs.20000 from debtors

  141. देना  =  amount
    He cleared rs.20000 cheque

  142. दोषमुक्त करना
    The judge cleared him of all the charges.

  143. निर्दोष ठहराना
    The judge cleared him of all the charges.

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