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  1. a grouping of a number of similar things
  2. a compact mass
  3. a heavy dull sound (as made by impact of heavy objects)
  4. mass of something
  5. thumping noise
  1. make or move along with a sound as of a horse's hooves striking the ground
  2. come together as in a cluster or flock
  3. walk clumsily
  4. gather or cause to gather into a cluster
  5. make thumping noise

clump Sentences in English

  1. धमधमाहट्
    I heard the heavy clump of feet on the stairs.

  2. झुरमुट
    A clump of trees

  3. लौंदा
    There were big clumps of soil on his boots.

  4. ढेला
    He threw a clump of mud at me.

  5. धमधमाते हुए चलना
    The children clumped down the stairs.

  6. भीड़ लगाना
    As it started to rain, everyone clumped together in doorways.

  7. टप-टप करते हुए जाना
    Horses drawing buggies regularly clump down this road.

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