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  1. the shore of a sea or ocean
  2. a slope down which sleds may coast
  3. the area within view
  4. the act of moving smoothly along a surface while remainingin contact with it
  5. border by water
  1. move effortlessly
  2. by force of gravity
  3. glide along without much effort

coast Sentences in English

  1. किनारा  =  place
    A hotel on the coast

  2. किनारा  =  region
    They live on the coast,a few miles from the sea

  3. बिना पैर मारे चलाना  =  human, run
    The children were coasting along on their bicycles

  4. फिसलना  =  human, slide
    He coasted down from the hill

  5. व्यापार करना  =  human, trade
    He is coasting with the others at the same port

  6. व्यापार करना  =  organization, trade
    They built up their wealth by coasting with other countries

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