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collection Definitions and meaning in English

  1. several things grouped together or considered as a whole
  2. a publication containing a variety of works
  3. request for a sum of money
  4. the act of gathering something together
  5. group
  6. accumulation

collection Sentences in English

  1. संचय  =  accumulation
    Large collection.

  2. संग्रह करना  =  clearance
    Here are two collections a day from this letter box.

  3. संग्रह  =  complilation
    Collection of poems.

  4. भीड़  =  crowd
    N odd collection of people.

  5. चन्दा  =  donation
    He collection will be taken after the sermon.

  6. ढेर  =  heap
    Collection of junk, rubbish etc.

  7. संकलन  =  selection
    Ou are invited to view our autumn collection.

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