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  1. a flat device with narrow pointed teeth on one edge
  2. disentangles or arranges hair
  3. the fleshy red crest on the head of the domestic fowl and other gallinaceous birds
  4. a fleshy and deeply serrated outgrowth atop the heads of certain birds especially domestic fowl
  5. any of several tools for straightening fibers
  6. ciliated comb-like swimming plate of a ctenophore
  7. the act of drawing a comb through hair
  1. straighten with a comb
  2. search thoroughly
  3. smoothen and neaten with or as with a comb
  4. arrange hair
  5. search by ransacking

comb Sentences in English

  1. शहद का छत्ता  =  hive
    There is a comb on the tree

  2. धुनकी  =  instrument
    The comb is used to clean the cotton

  3. कंघी  =  thing
    His hair needs a comb

  4. तुरा  =  cock
    The comb of cock looks beautiful

  5. कंघी करना  =  action
    Her hair needs a comb

  6. कंघी करना  =  human hair
    He combed the hair

  7. खोजना  =  human place
    The police combed the woods for the missing boy

  8. निकालना  =  human tangle, hair
    He combed the tangle from the hair

  9. कंघी से साफ़ करना  =  human wool
    He is combing the wool

  10. निकालना  =  remove
    They combed the cowards from the group

  11. पूरी तरह से तलाशना  =  search, thoroughly
    They combed the area for the missing child

  12. कंघी से अलग करना  =  separate
    He combed the wool fibers

  13. अच्छी तरह से ढूँढना  =  thing
    She combed the files for the missing letter

  14. बल खाना  =  wave
    High winds combed the wave

  15. छान डालना
    They combed the area for the missing child.

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