come from meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of come from

come from Definitions and meaning in English

  1. arise
  2. emanate

come from Sentences in English

  1. से आना  =  arise
    Where does all her hostility come from

  2. से फ़ायदा होना  =  be result of
    He promised to help, but i don't think anything will come from it.

  3. स् होना  =  come
    She comes from london.

  4. से आना  =  get
    Much of the butter eaten in britain comes from new zealand.

  5. स् होना  =  happen
    This is what comes from being over-confident./no harm can come from trying.

  6. से मिलना  =  obtain
    Milk comes from cows and goats.

  7. स् होना  =  take
    This poem comes from his new book.

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