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  1. to come or go into
  2. be received
  3. come into fashion
  4. enter place

come in Sentences in English

  1. उपलब्द्ध होना  =  become available
    Strawberries usually come in in the late june.

  2. लोकप्रिय होना  =  become fashionable
    Long hair for men came in in the sixties.

  3. की आमदनी होना  =  be received as income
    She has over a thousand pounds a month coming in from her investments.

  4. सहयोग देना  =  contribute
    Would you like to come in at this point, bishop

  5. आना  =  finish race
    Which horse came in first

  6. मिलना  =  get
    News is coming in of a serious train crash in scotland.

  7. भूमिका होना  =  have a part in
    I understand the plan perfectly, but i can't see where i come in.

  8. उठना  =  rise
    The tide was coming in fast.

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