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  1. perform an act, usually with a negative connotation
  2. give entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause
  3. cause to be admitted
  4. of persons to an institution
  5. confer a trust upon
  6. make an investment
  7. perform an action
  8. deliver
  9. entrust

commit Sentences in English

  1. करना  =  do
    Commit a crime/murder/suicide.

  2. वचनबद्ध होना  =  event
    I can't come on sunday:i've already committed.

  3. मत जाहिर करना  =  give
    I asked her what she thought, but she refused to commit herself.

  4. भेजने का आदेश दना  =  order
    Commit a man to prison.commit a patient to a psychiatric hospital.

  5. वचनबद्ध करना  =  promise
    He has committed himself to support his brother's children.

  6. भेजना  =  transfer
    Commit a list to memory.

  7. लिखना  =  write down
    Commit sth to paper.

  8. भेजना  =  law
    The magistrates committed him for trial at the old bailey.

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