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  1. deem to be
  2. give careful consideration to
  3. take into consideration for exemplifying purposes
  4. show consideration for
  5. turn over in one's mind
  6. regard a certain way

consider Sentences in English

  1. विचार-विमर्श करना  =  discuss
    They are considering the progress of the company in the meeting

  2. ध्यान रखना  =  event
    Have you considered how difficult it is for the students

  3. सोचना  =  think
    I'm considering changing my job

  4. विचार करना  =  worry
    Before you decide to leave your job, consider the effect it will have on your family

  5. समझना  =  human
    I consider him to be a knave

  6. विचार करना  =  problem
    Please consider their problem carefully

  7. मानना  =  thing
    We considered his reply unsatisfactorily

  8. गौर करना  =  action
    He considered the man for some time before speaking to him

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