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  1. foster the growth of
  2. prepare for crops
  3. train to be discriminative in taste or judgment
  4. adapt (a wild plant or unclaimed land) to the environment
  5. develop land for growing
  6. enrich situation; give special attention
  7. nurture
  8. take care of

cultivate Sentences in English

  1. खेती करना  =  human
    The farmer is cultivating the crops in their farm

  2. उगाना  =  human
    The farmer is cultivating the crops in their farm

  3. बढाना  =  ability
    He cultivated his ability of listening

  4. विकसित करना  =  bacterium
    Cultivate the bacterium

  5. पालना  =  fish
    He has cultivated the fish in his house

  6. विकसित करना  =  fruit
    Cultivated the fruit

  7. तैयार करना  =  ground
    Cultivating the ground

  8. जुताई करना  =  ground
    Cultivation the ground

  9. बढाना  =  relation
    Cultivating the friendship of influential people

  10. बढाना  =  skill
    Cultivated the skill

  11. करना  =  study
    Cultivate the study

  12. विकसित करना  =  thing
    You have to cultivate your musical taste

  13. उगाना  =  vegetable
    The farmer cultivated the vegetables in the farm

  14. मिट्रता करना  =  human
    I cultivated with him

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