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Current Definitions and meaning in English

  1. occurring in or belonging to the present time
  1. a flow of electricity through a conductor
  2. a steady flow (usually from natural causes)
  3. dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas

Current Sentences in English

  1. प्रवाह  =  air flow
    the currents of hot air

  2. विद्युत प्रवाह  =  electric current
    the current was measured in amperes

  3. बिजली  =  electricity
    this botton switches the current on

  4. धारा  =  flow
    current of thought

  5. प्रवृत्ति  =  tendency
    today's current of the people

  6. पानी का प्रवाह  =  water
    the current is strongest in the middle of the river

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