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Decline Definitions and meaning in English

  1. change toward something smaller or lower
  2. a condition inferior to an earlier condition

Decline Sentences in English

  1. गिरावट  =  rise
    A decline in prices

  2. ह्रास  =  decrease
    A decline in population

  3. पतन  =  fall
    The decline of the Roman Empire

  4. कम होना  =  diminish
    Her influence declined after she lost the election

  5. ढलना  =  end
    He spend his declining years in the country

  6. इन्कार करना  =  refuse
    I invited her to join us, but she declined

  7. और बिगड़ जाना
    Conditions in the slum declined.

  8. घटना
    Interest in the project began to decline.

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