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delight Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a feeling of extreme pleasure or satisfaction
  2. something or someone that provides pleasure
  3. a source ofhappiness
  4. enjoyment
  5. happiness
  1. give pleasure to or be pleasing to
  2. take delight in
  3. hold spellbound
  4. make happy; experience happiness

delight Sentences in English

  1. खुशी  =  feeling
    The delights of living in the country.

  2. खुशी  =  pleasure
    His face lit up with surprise and delight.

  3. खुश करना  =  human human
    He delighted the audience with her jokes about the president

  4. खुश करना  =  event
    Her singing delighted everyone.

  5. ठनक उठना  =  ear
    Hearing your words delighted my ears

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