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  1. the ability and desire to purchase goods and services
  2. an urgent or peremptory request
  3. a condition requiring relief
  4. the act of demanding
  5. required activity
  6. question
  7. request
  1. request urgently and forcefully
  2. require as useful, just, or proper
  3. claim as due or just
  4. lay legal claim to
  5. summon to court
  6. ask to be informed of
  7. ask strongly for something
  8. require

demand Sentences in English

  1. आवश्यकता  =  requirement
    It is impossible to satisfy all their demands.

  2. चाह  =  desire
    She is in great demand.

  3. मांग  =  request
    An article is a great demand

  4. आवश्यकता होना  =  action action
    Passing an examinatons demands great patience

  5. मांगना  =  human ask matter
    He demanded payment of the debt

  6. आवश्यकता होना  =  matter matter
    This task demands patience

  7. मांग करना  =  ask
    The workers are demanding better pay.

  8. मांगना  =  ask
    The workers are demanding better pay.

  9. आवश्यकता होना  =  event
    This sort of work demands great patience

  10. आवश्यकता होना  =  require
    This sort of work demands great patience

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